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Publishing Policy - Aims and Scope
This journal aims to publish research articles, academic articles, review articles, and book reviews  in the scope of;
- General Social Sciences
- Education
- Public Administration
- Business Administration
- Political Science
- Religion and Philosophy
- Development 
- Law
- Linguistics
- Including other Interdisciplinary
Articles to be considered for publication have been reviewed by at least 2 out of 3 peer reviewers  (Double-Blind Peer Review) and published in both Thai and English.
Views and opinions appearing in articles published in The Interdisciplinary Academic and Research Journal are the responsibility of the authors of the articles and not the views of the editors.  The Interdisciplinary Academic and Research Journal does not reserve any copyrights. But give references to show the source. 

Type of Articles

1. Research Article is a report of the results of a systematic study, research, or development.

2. An Academic Article is a work of writing an interesting topic in which the author presents new knowledge by using theories, concepts, and related research results as information sources.

3. Review Article is an article that combines theories, concepts, and research results on many subjects, the author will synthesize the literature in order to compile it into a conclusion or argument on a particular matter, which is a review of the academic progress of that matter.


Publication Frequency
Interdisciplinary Academic and Research Journal is a bimonthly  journal, (6 issues per year)
Issue 1 January-February
Issue 2 March-April
Issue 3 May-June
Issue 4 July-August
Issue 5 September-October
Issue 6 November-December

Vol. 4 No. 2 (2024): March-April

Published: 2024-04-03

Strategic Leadership of School Administrator under the Nakhonratchasima Secondary Education Service Area Office

Chamrat Mungfaoklang, Surawut Kanongmat, Manatchai Kotchasit, Prasong Songnork, Boonrai Ratsantier


Model Law on Elderly Care Business

Anuratch Permsin, Siwanporn Saowakon, Suthee Usathaporn


Factors Affecting Land and Building Tax Collection of Samut Prakan Municipality

Thanyanan Kantha, Somkiet Kietjareon, Sitthiporn Soonthorn


Analysis and Management of Carbon Footprint in Production Warehouse Operations

Chutidaj Munkongtum, Chalita Thriyawanich, Chitpong Ayasanond


Factors Related to Science Achievement of Mathatomsuksa 3 Students

Sutarose Insumran, Kamontip Srihaset, Duranee Tippayakulpairoj


Study of Employee Satisfaction After Improving the Product Storage System in the Warehouse of Kerry Express Co., Ltd., Rama 7 Branch

Thanittha Soithong, Krit Thubchula , Chompoonut Rianpreecha, Narongrid Yimcharoenpornsakul, Pipatphon Lapamonpinya


The Development of Branding Building Indicators of Private Vocational Colleges in The Northeast

Chetphong Chaikanarakkul, Kritkanok Duangchatom, Chayakan Ruangsuwan


Factors Affecting the Quality of Life for the Elderly in the Northeast

Piyawan Yangkham, Nava Masaunjik, Auscharaporn Chalermchit, Pornwadee Ruksasri, Kotchanipa Wanichkittikul


Factors Affecting the Service Efficiency of International Freight Forwarding Companies

Chitpong Ayasanond, Chutidaj Munkongtum, Chalita Thriyawanich


The Factors Related to Learning Habits of Mathayomsuksa 3 Students

Monmanat Bunchoo, Kamontip Srihaset, Duranee Tippayakulpairoj


Thai Supplementary Development on the Title of Thai Grammatical in Thai Curriculum for Mathayomsuksa 2

Weerasak Jonglakha, Anothai Bunyaboon, Narongrid Yimcharoenpornsakul, Supaporn Kodsongkram, Supparat Aukarapisit , Chompoonut Rianpreecha


The Development of Happy Organization Indicators of Private Vocational Colleges in The Northeast

Rattavikran Pradubsert, Pongphop Phoojomjit , Kritkanok Duangchatom


Rubber Plantation Management for Increased Productivity

Yongyuth Kaewnoy, Thananchakorn Pakittawichit, Supawat Sukhaparamate


The Use of Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Modern Pharmacy Management

Pachara Chairatanaprapa, Thananchakorn Pakittawichit, Supawat Sukhaparamate


The Study of Project on Community Development Participation t at Mueang District Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Jakkrid Putburee, Bhawat Sawaengdi, Jinkamol Pensuk, Prakrong Ngamchaiyaphum, Chonlawat Kimsua


The Use of Digital Skills for Nakhon Ratchasima Buddhist College Administrations

Supot Pimprasan, Narongchai Bunman, Amonrat Putthaariyavong, Chonlawat Kimsua, Saksit Tiamkum


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