Interdisciplinary Academic and Research Journal

ISSN 2774-0374 (Online)



Interdisciplinary Academic and Research Journal is a 2-month academic journal, (6 issues per year)

Issue 1 January-February

Issue 2 March-April

Issue 3 May-June

Issue 4 July-August

Issue 5 September-October

Issue 6 November-December).

This journal aims to publish research articles, academic articles, review articles, and book reviews of researchers, academics, faculty members, students, as well as general writers in general social sciences, religion, philosophy, law, political science, public administration, linguistics, Applied studies, education, including other interdisciplinary.

Articles to be considered for publication have been reviewed by at least 2 out of 3 peer reviewers and published in both Thai and English.

Views and opinions appearing in articles published in The Interdisciplinary Academic and Research Journal is the responsibility of the authors of the articles and not the views of the editors.  The Interdisciplinary Academic and Research Journal does not reserve any copyrights. But give references to show the source.

Schedule for publication 6 issues per year

Issue 1 January–February (published on the website, 28 February)

 Issue 2 March–April (published on the website, 30 April)

Issue 3 May–June (published on the website, 30 June)

Issue 4 July – August (Published on the website, 30 August)

Issue 5 September–October (published on the website, 30 October)

Issue 6 November-December (Published on the website, 30 December)

Criteria for consideration and selection of articles

Each article will be reviewed by two out of three peer reviewers with expertise in a related field, and receive editorial approval prior to publication. The article review will use a format in which the reviewer does not know the author's information, such as name, surname, work experience, etc. and the author of the article does not know the name of the reviewer (Double-Blind Peer Review)

Articles submitted for publication in a journal must not be published, or are being considered by a peer reviewer for publication in another journal. The author of the article must comply with the journal's article submission guidelines and must follow the journal's format.

The opinions and opinions of the authors of articles are the responsibility of their authors and not the responsibility of the editors.

Publishing Fee

The author of the article must pay an academic paper publication fee at the rate of 4,500 baht per subject (four thousand and five hundred baht only), or [150USD] by paying the fee and notifying the payment of the fee after receiving the notification of the article screening result (initial) from the editorial team (Before submitting the article to Peer reviewer to assess the quality of the article).

For Thai Authors: The author can pay at the Bank "Kasikorn Thai", Branch “Sermthai Complex”, Account name “Institute of Academic Promotion and Development”, Account No.: 088-8-94448-6.

For Foreign Authors:  Payment Details:

Account/Beneficiary Name: KASIKORNBANK

Current Account No.:  088-8-94448-6


Branch code: -

Bank Address: 76/1-7 Nakorn Sawad Rd. Tambon Talad, Muang District, Mahasarakham 44000, Thailand

Payee address : 413 Moo 11, Tambon Weangnang, Muang District, Mahasarakham 44000, Thailand

However, such fees will not be refunded under any circumstances. A fee will be charged from the author for submitting articles from July 1, 2022, onwards. Notification of fee payment results, please provide details by filling in the form in the link. [such as name, address, phone number, email, money transfer slip, etc.]