Journal of Islamic Studies, Prince of Songkla University is a biannual journal (2 issues per year).

▪ 1 st Issue from January to June

▪ 2 nd Issue from July to December The Journal is published by College of Islamic Studies, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani campus, to promote and encourage the exchange of knowledge in the field of Islamic Studies, Muslim Studies and the Middle East Studies among national scholars and worldwide.

ISSN 1686-0780 , ISSN 2697-3979 (Online)

Published: 2020-06-16

The Role of Salaf People in the Development of Muslim Society in the Three Southern Border Provinces

Assistant Professor Dr. Hamidahhasan Tohma, Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmad al-Fariti, Nuh Masarakama, Faisol To’ma

44 - 59

Halal process and standard development of Islamic Council of Pattani Province

Assistant Professor Abdullateh Saleah, Assistant Professor Dr. Abdurrohman Chapakiya, Assistant Professor Dr. Ahama kaday

75 - 87

Al-Basmala (A study in Morphological structural)

Dr. Wilailak Wisetrat, Assistant Professor. Dr. Murtada Farah Ali Widaa

88 - 95