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The Journal of Population and Social Studies (JPSS) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University. The Journal of Population and Social Studies (JPSS) ceased its hard copy publication in 2013, became an online-only journal since 2014, and currently publishes 4 issues per year. Yet, the Journal of Population and Social Studies (JPSS) continues to be a free* of charge journal for publication.

The Journal of Population and Social Studies (JPSS) welcomes contributions from the fields of demography, population studies, and other related disciplines, including health sciences, sociology, anthropology, population economics, population geography, human ecology, political science, statistics, and methodological issues. The article subjects range from population and family changes, population aging, sexuality, gender, reproductive health, population and environment, population and health, migration, urbanization and labor, determinants and consequences of population changes to social and behavioral aspects of population.

We aim to provide a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners, and graduate students from all around the world to share knowledge on the empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews, and book reviews that are of interest to the academic community, policy-makers, and practitioners.

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Vol. 30 (2022): January - December 2022 (In progress)

Published: 2021-08-29

Population Aging Tendencies in Islamic Countries Between 1950-2020: A Geographical Assessment

Hasan Hekmatnia, Mir Najaf Mousavi, Kamran Jafarpour Ghalehteimouri, Ali Shamsoddini, Ali Bagheri Kashkouli, Alireza Jamshidi

36 - 53

Smart Devices and Family Roles: A Study of Smart Device Use Among Children Aged 2-5 in Thailand’s Health Region 3

Supaporn Kumruangrit, Raweewan Tansuwat, Sasithorn Marat, Laddawan Phothiwichit, Nisakon Phichitsiri

72 - 85

Interpersonal Ties and Health Care: Examining the Social Networks of Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

Carlos M. Piocos III, Ron Bridget T. Vilog, Jan Michael Alexandre C. Bernadas

86 - 102

On Prevention of Diarrheal Disease: Assessing the Factors of Effective Handwashing Facilities in Bangladesh

Sorif Hossain, Md. Mazharul Islam, Md. Asraful Islam Khokon, Md. Monirul Islam

103 - 115

Negotiating Religiosity in a Secular Society: A Study of Indonesian Muslim Female Migrant Workers in Hong Kong

Imam Subchi, Asep Saepudin Jahar, Maila D. H. Rahiem, Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh

147 - 169

Multi-Layered Catastrophic Health Spending of Inpatient Women by Broad Group of Diseases in India

Manali Swargiary, Hemkhothang Lhungdim, Mrinmoy Pratim Bharadwaz

183 - 206

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