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The Journal of Population and Social Studies (JPSS) is a distinguished, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University. Renowned for its scholarly dissemination, JPSS has been instrumental in advancing research in its respective fields. Since transitioning to an online-only format in 2014, JPSS has consistently delivered cutting-edge research, with an impressive volume of approximately 48 articles annually.

JPSS actively encourages submissions from a diverse range of disciplines, including demography, population studies, and related fields such as health sciences, sociology, anthropology, population economics, population geography, human ecology, political science, statistics, and methodological issues. The breadth of contributions spans a wide array of topics, encompassing population and family dynamics, population aging, sexuality, gender, reproductive health, population-environment interactions, population health, migration, urbanization, labor, factors influencing and resulting from population changes, as well as the intricate social and behavioral dimensions of population.

At the heart of our mission is the establishment of a dynamic platform that fosters knowledge exchange among researchers, academics, professionals, practitioners, and graduate students worldwide. We actively seek empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews, and book reviews that stimulate valuable insights and advancements in the field. Recognizing the significance of these contributions, we strive to engage the academic community, policy-makers, and practitioners in meaningful dialogue, nurturing a deeper understanding of population-related issues and their implications.

Vol. 32 (2024): January - December 2024 (In progress)

Published: 2023-09-05

Analyzing the Role of Social Workers in Supporting People Living With HIV in New York City During the 1990s

Azahah Abu Hassan Shaari, Siti Marziah Zakaria, Surendran Rajaratnam, Ruzaini Ijon, Ateerah Abdul Razak, Wan Puspa Melati Wan Abdul Halim, Bernadine Waller

669 - 686

Developing a Social Media-Based Communication System Between Rural Healthcare Providers and Expert Medical Personnel in Bokeo Province, Laos PDR

Krissana Kapheak , Nonthaphat Theerawasttanasiri , Potchara Khumphoo, Rungrasami Sriwongphan, Wanchalerm Ritthimon, Chansy Chayaseng, Phouangphet Bounmaseng, Ninrat Pangsri, Jukkrit Wungrath

650 - 668

Risk Perception of Cannabis Use Among a Sample of Thai Cannabis Users

Francois R. Lamy, Seung Chun Paek, Natthani Meemon

575 - 590

Cultural Meaning and the Experience of Hormone Drug Use Among Transgender Women Undergraduate Students in Southern Thailand

Tida Sottiyotin, Pacharapol Apinuntachart, Yanisa Amornlak, Tidarat Muenlamai, Najmee Adulyarat

515 - 530

Investigating the Challenges in Alcoholic Beverage Control and Law Enforcement: Analyzing Binge Drinking Prevalence Among the Working-Age Population in Thailand Based on 2017 National Survey

Nakarin Prasit, Wongsa Laohasiriwong, Ampawan Nonthamat, Puwanart Sresutham, Nattaporn Nidthumsakul, Nathakon Nilnate, Nopparat Senahad

481 - 493

Socioecological Approach to Understanding Overnutrition Among Married and Cohabiting Women in Nigeria

Oluwaseun Abdulganiyu Badru, Tunde Adeyemo Alabi, Kenneth Enwerem

448 - 463

Linkages of Mother’s Status and Autonomy in the Household With Childhood Stunting in Indonesia

Risni Julaeni Yuhan, Pande Made Kutanegara, Sri Rahayu Budiani

416 - 430

Stunting Among Wealthy Indonesian Families: A Cross-Sectional Study of Children Under the Age of Two

Agung Dwi Laksono, Ratna Dwi Wulandari, Novia Susianti, Mohamad Samsudin, Muhamad Arif Musoddaq

384 - 398

Perspectives of Healthcare Providers in Maternal and Child Health Services in Bokeo Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic: A Qualitative Study

Krissana Kapheak, Nonthaphat Theerawasttanasiri, Potchara Khumphoo, Rungrasami Sriwongphan, Wanchalerm Ritthimon, Chansy Chayaseng , Phouangphet Bounmaseng, Ninrat Pangsri, Yuparat Ngampradit, Jukkrit Wungrath

329 - 345

Chronic Pain and Subjective Health in a Sample of Indonesian Adults: A Moderation of Gender

Pius Weraman, Nugroho Susanto, Luh Tu Selpi Wahyuni, Doni Pranata, Kundharu Saddhono, Komang Ayu Krisna Dewi, Kadek Lina Kurniawati, I Putu Agus Dharma Hita, Nyoman Ayu Putri Lestari, Emmanuel Nizeyumukiza

278 - 289

The Effects of a School-Based Mental Health Program on Students’ Knowledge, Behavior, and Depression: A Quasi-Experimental Study in Four Indonesian High Schools

Indri Yunita Suryaputri, Rofingatul Mubasyiroh, Prisca Petty Arfines, Rika Rachmalina, Sri Idaiani, Nikson Sitorus, Bunga Ch Rosha, Enung Nur Khotimah, Diana Setiyawati

243 - 261

The Relationship Between Sociodemographics and Media Access on Knowledge Regarding Anemia Among Young Women in Indonesia

Tri Wurisastuti, Kencana Sari, Rika Rachmalina, Rika Rachmawati, Yunita Diana Sari , Noviati Fuada, Ayunina Rizky Ferdina , Fifi Retiaty, Tin Afifah

208 - 222

Vaccine Adherence and Behavioral Changes of Adults Regarding Prevention of COVID-19: A Community Survey Using the Theory of Planned Behavior

Md. Nazmul Haque, Muhammed Ashraful Alam, Shuvashis Saha, Suphawadee Panthumas, Afrin Ahmed Clara, Md. Parvez Iqbal Sharif

160 - 169

Employment Mobility in East Java During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Devanto Shasta Pratomo, Devi Nur Cahaya Ningsih, Adhi Cahya Fahadayna, Moh. Athoillah, Kukuh Arisetyawan, Lustina Fajar Prastiwi

130 - 143

Changes in Islamic Legal Culture in Customary Marriage at Uluan Musi Community

Syahril Jamil, Muhammad Adil, Muhammad Torik, Zulmi Ramdani, Muhammad Abdillah, Yen Fikri Rani, Cholidi

107 - 129

Pension Plan and Household Food Insecurity of Older Persons in Indonesia

Budi Indrawan, Bayu Kharisma, Sutyastie S. Remi

78 - 93

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