Early Twentieth-Century Egyptian Apollo Literature: A Case Study of Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi's Poetry


  • Manop Adam Eastern Languages Department, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University.


Apollo, Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi, literary art, independent poetry, Egypt


Objective This research paper is aimed at analyzing the Egyptian Apollo literature in terms of literary art, writing style, invention, and development of Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi's independent poetry with influence on modern Arab literary circles.

Methodology This is documentary research with the method of studying research, theories, related Apollo literary works as well as an analysis of Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi’s poetry in Diwan Al-yanbue in the field of literary art, writing style and invention.

Research Findings The results of analysis reveal that Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi has played an important role in the development of modern Arab literature, was a pioneer and has set guidelines for Arab poetry in the present age.

Applications Creation of new knowledge serving as a database and reference document for education in Arabic language and literature in various universities that offer Arabic language and literature course as well as private schools that teach Islam studies and Arabic language.


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