Islamic Educators of Patani: a Case Study of Tuan Guru Haji Wan Idris Bin Haji Wan Ali (Baba Yeh Tok Jum)

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Abdul Ramae Sulong


This research article aimed to study Tuan Guru Haji Wan Idris Bin Haji Wan Ali (Baba Yeh Tok Jum) biography and to study his contributions to Patani Islamic society. This research article was a qualitative research which used interview and questionnaire to obtain the information. It was found that Baba Yeh and other teachers' had played the roles in Muslim societies, especially in the three southern border provinces and neighboring provinces and played the important roles in the development of Muslim society in education. Baba Yeh opned pondok as head of a famous educational institution in Pattani and tought 13 disciplines such as faith, Arabic language, tasauwuf and others for 35 years, equal to the time he had studied. He was able to teach all the subjects which he had studied so that he could produce competent students from many parts of Thailand like Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala, Songkhla, Satun, Phang Nga and Bangkok. Some of them are his own sons and daughters, and some of them are teachers of the Pondoks, and they are teachers and religious leaders in various villages. In addition, he translated the book “Risalah al-Mu’awanah” into Malay language and written a collection of answers from the Islamic Commission of Pattani questions.


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Sulong, A. R. (2019). Islamic Educators of Patani: a Case Study of Tuan Guru Haji Wan Idris Bin Haji Wan Ali (Baba Yeh Tok Jum). Journal of Islamic Studies, Prince of Songkla University, 10(1), 39-50. Retrieved from
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