About the Journal

The Journal of Islamic studies, Prince of Songkla University [ JOIS ] is published by Falculty of Islamic Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani campus, to promote and encourage the exchange of knowledge in the field of Islamic Studies, Muslim Studies Islamic Law, Islamic Economics and the Middle East Studies among national scholars and worldwide. Each manuscript submitted to the Journal of Islamic Studies is subject to an initial review by the editorial board in order to determine if it is aligned with the journal’s aims and scope, and complies with essential requirements. Then at least 3 qualified reviewers are solicited to evaluate a manuscript before publishing by evaluating Double-Blinded review.

Journal of Islamic Studies, Prince of Songkla University is a biannual journal (2 issues per year).

▪ 1 st Issue from January to June

▪ 2 nd Issue from July to December

ISSN (Print) 2773-9848 , ISSN 2697-3979 (Online)


Announcements - Call for articles for publication in Vol 15 No.1 January-June 2024

Accepting research articles/academic articles for publication in journals

Faculty of Islamic Science public relations to invite researchers, academics, students and those interested in submitting research articles. to be considered for publication in the Journal of Islamic Studies, Prince of Songkla University Vol.15 No.1

From 1 January 2024

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