Punishment for Crime Prevention

  • วิภาพร เนติจิรโชติ นักวิชาการอิสระ
Keywords: Crime Prevention, Punishment, Individual Punishment


The crime is a social problem that exists in all societies and it never benefits anyone. The victim, the criminal, the government, the citizen, or the society, none of these gain any benefits from it. Due to this reason, there are many efforts have been made to seek for various legal and social measures to prevent the occurrence of the crime or to reduce it as much as possible. This study aims to study the legal crime prevention model by using the punishment as a tool and it is done by gathering and reviewing the information based on the academic papers, articles and the related research. According to the study, the punishment to contribute to crime prevention effectively is a punishment that is appropriate to the nature of the offender and the nature of the offense. Therefore, to punish the perpetrator, it is necessary to take factors related to crimes, criminals and the purpose of punishment in order to determine the form and level of punishment to be proportionate to the nature of the offense and the nature of the offender. The proportion punitive will result in fair punishment for both the offender, the victim, and the society, more importantly, it is can be used as an effective crime prevention tool.



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