Home Court Application and Exercise Promotion in Physical Education Subject Under Circumstance of The Coronavirus 2019 Outbreak

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Hanafee Yeesunsong
Asri Saidi
Suthana Tingsabhat


      This academic paper aims to present learning materials that use virtual reality technology, which comes in the form of an application called "Home Court" with the nature of using or participating in activities similar to playing video games. It is different in that the Home Court must use physical movements to play various activities instead of using a hand to control a joystick (motion control device to play video games) alone. For this reason, the home court can apply in physical education subjects. Teachers need to study and understand how to use the Home Court application to teach New Normal physical education to encourage students to exercise under the 2019 coronavirus outbreak or to use it in other epidemic situations that may occur in the future. This article would two areas need to be present, including 1) the benefits of activities in the Home Court application, which describes the activities of interest and the benefits that participants will receive when using the application. 2) guidelines for promoting physical education in physical education using the Homecourt application. Teachers must design activities for students to encourage and recommend learners to exercise regularly by using technology such as the Home Court application and having fun and challenging the learners' abilities to still suitable for the 2019 coronavirus outbreak that requires social distancing.

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