Welfare Problems and Needs of Registered Nurses in Khon Kaen Hospital

  • Navaporn Thanalad Student in M.P.A Program, Master of Public Administration, College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University
  • ศิวัช ศรีโภคางกุล College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University
Keywords: Registered nurse, welfare, problems, needs


This research had the following objectives: (1) To study situation regarding welfare benefits for nurses; (2) To study problems and obstacles to the welfare benefits program; and (3) To consider guidelines for resolving problems of the welfare benefits program for nurses at KhonKaen Hospital.  This was a qualitative research study which collected data from 30 nurse practitioners using in-depth interviews. Document review and observation were also used to collect data.This study found that most of the respondents were aware of the welfare benefits program offered to nurses working at KhonKaen Hospital.  However, they felt that the benefits were too limited; they could not even name three or more examples of the benefits they are entitled to.  In fact, KhonKaen Hospital offers quite a number of welfare benefits for its staff.  Nevertheless, the respondents felt that the existing benefits were inadequate and did not meet their needs. Nurses felt that the amount of compensation they received was too low, that they were burdened by debt, that they were pressured into taking extra work shifts to make supplemental income (i.e., 16-hour work-days), that the available parking at the hospital was inadequate and that forced them to travel by motorcycle to/from work.The nurses also complained about work-related illness or adverse conditions, and they incurred out-of-pocket costs to treat these conditions.They also complained that they did not receive any cost-of-living supplements to help make ends meet. In sum, the major complaint of the nurses in this study concerned the need for better financial compensation so that they did not have to worry about providing for their own and their family’s needs.The respondents suggested conducting a broad survey of all KhonKaen Hospital nurses to tap into their views about welfare benefits and what their needs are.  Then, based on the survey results, the benefits program could be adjusted and improved. 


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