Development of academic achievement Animal Breeding Course, Breeding Rate for High Vocational Certificate level by using the Inquiry base learning


  • antika whongchachom มหาบัณฑิต คณะครุศาสตร์มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏมหาสารคาม
  • Chaiwat Supucworakul
  • Prasobsuk Ritthidech


Achievement, Inquiry base learning, High Vocational Certificate level



The purpose of this studying is in to (1) Develop the learning activity of Animal Breeding, Breeding rate for High Vocational Certificate Level by Inquiry base learning with had reached the efficient standard at 75/75 (2) Study about the effectiveness index value of Inquiry base learning (3) Compare academic achievement the test set after studying criterion of 75% (4) Study the satisfactions of student with learning active by Inquiry base learning

The target group for this studying was High Vocational Certificate level 1 in semester 1, academic year 2019, Mahasarakham College of Agriculture and Technology. There are a number of 30 person. The research tools were consist of (1) The lesson plan of Inquiry base learning amount 8 plan (2) Learning achievement test amount 30 items (3) The satisfaction questionnaire of student model rating scale 5 level, the analyze statistic data percentage, average, standard deviation and t-test  (Dependent sample)

The result of studying shower that (1) The development academic achievement by Inquiry base learning amount 22 person E1/E2 = 85.82/84.64 see also achievement by Inquiry base learning, shower that the test set had efficiency of processing and efficiency of result setting at 75/75 (2) The value of effectiveness index by Inquiry base learning average at 0.7563 (4) Compare academic achievement after study at 75% in statistical significance at .05 (5) The satisfactions of student continue to Inquiry base learning alphabet is average at 4.81 in level of so much




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