Customer Expectation and Perception of the Service Quality of Hotels in RoiKaenSanSin Cluster

  • Sivadon Pattanachak คณะการท่องเที่ยวและการโรงเเรม มหาวิทยาลัยมหาสารคาม
Keywords: expectation, perception, service quality, RoiKaenSanSin cluster


This study was aimed to determine 1) the level of the expectations and perceptions of service quality of hotels in the RoiKanSanSin cluster, 2) to compare the level between the expectations and perceptions of service quality of hotels in the RoiKanSanSin cluster, 3) to evaluate the service quality of hotels in the RoiKanSanSin cluster and 4) to evaluate the need of hotel services in the RoiKanSanSin cluster by using questionnaires to collect data. The 400 samples were used in the research by dividing the sample into two groups; a group with no experience or have some experience but learning and understanding the hotel service standards and the other groups as the general people with experience in staying and using hotel services, but does not know the service standards. Data analysis was used descriptive statistics including frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The inference statistics using for testing was paired

          The results of the study revealed that customers had expectations and perceptions the quality of the hotel services, both in overall and in each aspect, at a high level. When comparing the expectations and perceptions of customers on the quality of the hotel services, it was found that the actual perceptions was significantly different from expectations at the 0.01 level (p-value <0.001). The results of customer service quality assessments were dissatisfied with the service quality in all 5 aspects. Which was dissatisfied with the responsiveness most. When evaluating the needs of the hotel service, it was found that customers were pay more attention to responsiveness first also. Therefore, a suggestion that hotels in RoiKaenSanSin cluster should improve the service quality in all aspects and should focus on improving the quality of products and services that are particularly intangible.



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