Problems and Suggestions to Improve Chinese Pronunciation Skills for High School Students and Undergraduate Students who Study Chinese as A Second Language


  • Cha-am Sangsikaew Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Chinese branch Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University


teaching management, Chinese pronunciation, Chinese pronunciation skills


Today, the teaching of Chinese language in Thailand is very popular. When the author compare between Chinese language and English language, Chinese language is relatively new language for Thai students. From the experience as student who studied Chinese as a second language and Chinese language instructor, the author strongly believe that the teaching strategy in Chinese pronunciation needs to improve. The author gather a lot of theories and information from linguistics and professors in Thailand and overseas as well as personal experience with the purpose to analyze the problem and find out the way to improve teaching method of Chinese pronunciation in Thailand. This research would be a guideline for teachers and students who want to improve Chinese pronunciation in classroom environment. 


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