The welfare of the elderly in Nong Kung Subdistrict Administration Organization Mueang District in Kalasin Province


  • Somchit Ritrung Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University


Welfare, Elderly


This research was aimed to study the needs and guide lines to manage the elderly welfare in Nong Kung Sub-district Administration Organization, Mueang District, Kalasin Province : the sample was 232 elderly living at the area of Nong Kung Subdistrict Administration Organization. The instruments were the five ratting scale and the interview. And the data was analyzed by descriptive statistics and content analysis. Theresearch results were: (1). The needs of the welfare for the elderly, arranged in order; Health and medical care, income and housing respectively. (2). Guidelines of the welfare management were; 1) Health and medical care : there should be establishing a health center and providing knowledge services, health coordination, physical therapy services, medical assistance, health services and health insurance. 2) Income: career promotion, provident fund, allowance, discount service and income welfare should be provided for the elderly. 3) Housing: there should be providing residences for elderly, house construction, house repair, establishment of a house supporting of district level and a low-interest loan source project for house building. 


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