The Proposed policy and Administrative Development Scheme of Amalgamation towards Achieved University A case study of Nakhon Phanom University.

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Uthaiwan Sukimanil


The purpose of this research were  1) to study the development of the Amalgamation university: A case study of Nakhon Phanom University, 2) to study the factors influencing Nakhon Phanom University Achievement, 3) to create a model to developing the management of Amalgamation toward Achieved University. This research uses a mixed research methodology. The value of reliability analysis of each factor was 0.99 analysis of structural equation and consistency of the research model, confirmed model and proposed policy recommendations with stakeholders. The results were found as follows;

          1) A case study of University had increased development of administrative resources, buildings, technologies, staffs, courses and budgets more than before amalgamation. The administrative team had a good governance problem and high internal conflict.

          2) The highest factors direct influence variables on achieved University was the internal communication (0.84), the good governance and organizational culture had a direct influence on internal communication at (0.16) and (0.60)

          3) This research model towards achieved university found that good governance, administrative resources, transformational leadership had direct influence on organizational culture at (0.42), (0.36), and (0.17), Also, these factors had indirectly influences on internal communication through organization culture is highest (0.82). Internal communication, organizational culture and administrative resources had direct influence on university achievement (0.43), (0.17), and (0.29). Research models were consistent with empirical data with statistical values, X2 = 12.540, df =5, X2/df = 2.508, P = 0.028, CFI = 0.995, TLI = 0.987, RMSEA = 0.072, SRMR = 0.013

For proposed policy, 1) should create the university as a family. 2) should recruit executive, with the following qualifications, have transformational leadership, good governance, new management, and able to use resources with their value concerning. Additionally, the organizational culture should be used towards achieved university.


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