Objectives and Scope of the Journal

          The Journal of MCU Peace Studies aims to promote the dissemination of research articles, academic articles and review articles to researchers, scholars, faculty, and graduate students, with the hope that it can be a market of knowledge that everyone can research, transfer and exchange knowledge in various fields. The journal focuses on a wide range of topics relevant to Buddhism, Peace Studies, Sociology, Applied Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. All article submitted will be peer-reviewed by at least 2 experts. The journal welcomes the submission of both Thai and English articles.

Types of Articles Published in the Journal

          1) Research Article reports the results or outputs of the original research in the fields of Buddhism, Philosophy, Peace Studies, Sociology, Liberal Arts, Applied Studies, including other Interdisciplinary Studies.

          2) Academic Article analyzes, criticizes, or describes new knowledge or ideas.

          3) Review Article criticizes or explains the reasons supporting the issues that the author agrees with or has different opinions from academic perspectives.

Journal Publication Schedule

The journal publishes 6 issues annually  

          1st issue: January – February

          2nd issue: March – April

          3rd issue: May – June

          4th issue: July – August

          5th issue: September – October

          6th issue: November – December

          and, Supplemental issues published between May – June on the occasion of celebrating the United Nations Day of Vesak annually, according to the policy of the university.

          Published at  https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/journal-peace

The Process of Peer Review by Experts

          The journal has a process of quality evaluation by experts before publication. All articles submitted will go through the double-blind review process, and they will be evaluated by at least 2 experts. In this regard, the articles from inside authors will be reviewed by experts from other institutes. While the articles from outside authors will be reviewed by experts from inside institute who are specialized in the relevant fields and do not have vested interest with the author.