Information For Authors

         The Journal of MCU Peace Studies (E-ISSN: 2539-6765) has been approved to be included in the Tier 1 journal ranking of the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI). The high quality of the journal will be guaranteed until 31 December B.E. 2567.

         The Journal of MCU Peace Studies has updated the journal reference format for more quality with same standard format. The Editorial Board of the Journal has revised the conditions, regulations, procedures for articles and reference format to be more comprehensive through clear examples and easy-to-understand explanations. The reference format must be according to the APA style (6th edition). Click for reference examples.

           Effective from November B.E. 2563 (A.D. 2020) onwards. For example.

          1. In the case that the author’s manuscript does not pass the peer review and consideration from the experts and Editorial Board, the Journal reserves the right not to publish the manuscript and without refund in any aspect.

          2. Whichever journal group the Journal of MCU Peace Studies will be in after being assessed by the Thai Journal Citation Index Centre (TCI), the authors agree to accept the assessment results without any argument.

          3. The content of the manuscript that has been revised according to the experts must be highlighted in red color for the Editorial Board to verify that the authors have revised it. The Editorial Board will consider that the authors have not revised the content if it is not highlighted in red color. The authors have not more than 1 month to revise the content after receiving the peer review results from the Journal. In the case that the English version of the abstract is not complete, the Editorial Board will send it to the language expert for editing, by which the authors must be responsible for the editing cost in an amount of 500 Baht.

          4. Although the manuscript has already been approved, if the Editorial Board is unable to contact the author and the author does not revise the manuscript or takes longer time to revise than the specified period, the Journal reserves the right to reject the publication of the manuscript and cancel the acceptance letter for publication, by which the author will be notified through the registered email.

         5. If the manuscript and the processes of manuscript submission are not complete, the postponement of publication in each issue/ number is under the authority and right of the Editorial Board without asking for permission from the manuscript's author.

         6. If the Editorial Board finds out or there is a complaint that the manuscript has duplicate content of more than 25%, the main points are duplicated, or the manuscript has been published before, the journal reserves the right, at its discretion, to reject and suspend the publication of the manuscript.

        The Journal of MCU Peace Studies does not have the policy to collect publication fees more than what is specified above. Authors should be careful of people impersonating members of the Editorial Board asking for additional charges. The Journal has no involvement and does not take responsibility in any aspect.