Published: 2024-04-02

An Investigation into Social-Media Travel Influencers’ Content Strategies

Sutasinee Na Nakhon, Asst. Prof. Ilian Assenov, Ph.D


The Skill Gap Assessment of Sales and Marketing Personnel in Hotel Business, Phuket, Thailand

Sriprapha Nguanson, Asst. Prof. Tatiyaporn Jarumaneerat, Ph.D.


The Study of the Sacrifice and Beliefs of the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Joseon Dynasty

Prof. Parit Yinsen, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Pichet Saengthong, Ph.D.


The Evolution of Human Resource Management in Thailand: Phenomenological Research

Asst. Prof. Wannapa Luekitinan, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Kanvalai Nontakeaw Ferry, Ph.D.


The Acceptance of Thai Consumers towards Thai Green Label Appliances Products

Asst. Prof. Surangkana Na Nakorn, Asst. Prof. Adilla Pongyeela, Ph.D.