The Journal of International Studies, Prince of Songkla University was created as a space for publishing research articles and academic articles. Therefore, in order to ensure the dissemination of accurate, quality, transparent and in line with internationally accepted standards of publication the Journal of International Studies, prescribes guidelines and ethics for publication, publishing research articles and academic articles by assigning the role for the author, editor, and reviewer, which the editorial team will inform to all three parties.


Roles of Authors

          1. The author must be honest, moral, and especially not steal or copy other people's ideas or messages into their own research articles and academic articles.

          2. The author must certify that the written work is derived from the facts from the study and does not distort information and does not contain false information.

          3. The author must be responsible for his/her work and certify that the work has never been published or is not currently in the process of being considered published.

          4. In the case that the author makes a mistake, the journal will disqualify the publication for a period of at least two years and the journal will inform the organization that the author work for or studies.


Roles of Editors

          1. Editors are responsible for considering the selection of articles to enter the quality assessment process for publication in the journals based on content consistency and the policy of the journal.

          2. During the evaluation of the article, editors must not disclose the information of the author and the person evaluating the article to other unrelated persons.

          3. Editors are responsible for reviewing articles for plagiarism and applying other published articles for re-publication so that articles published in the journals do not copy the works of others and do not publish articles that have been published elsewhere.

          4. If detecting the copying of another person's work or bringing another article that was previously published for re-publication, the editor will cancel the article evaluation process, and if the article has been previously published, the editor will use the right to withdraw the article and notify the organization that the author work for or studies.


Roles of Reviewers

          1. The reviewer evaluating the article must maintain the confidentiality of the article submitted for evaluation.

          2. The reviewer must not have any interest with the author or any other reason that makes it impossible to give comments freely. If so, the article reviewer must notify the editor of the journal about the result of the evaluation to decide to accept or refuse the article.

          3. The reviewer of the article should evaluate articles in the field of study to consider the quality of the article and not use personal opinions that do not have support information as criteria for judging articles.

          4. If the reviewer finds that the evaluated article has any part that has similarities or duplication from other works, the reviewer must also inform the editor.