A Comparative Study of Non-native Japanese Learners’ and Lecturers’ Beliefs in Japanese Reading

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อัจฉรา อึ้งตระกูล


          The purpose of the research was to compare the different beliefs between non-native Japanese learners and lecturers in Japanese reading. The number of participants were 183 non-native Japanese learners and 9 non-native Japanese lecturers. The research instrument used in this study was questionnaires.

          The collected data was analyzed by descriptive statistics: mean, standard deviation and t-test. The research findings were as follows: 1) The beliefs towards Japanese reading aptitude and 2) The beliefs towards difficulty in Japanese reading were at a moderate level. 3) The beliefs towards nature of Japanese reading and 4) The beliefs towards learning of Japanese reading strategies and communication were high at the level. and 5) The beliefs towards motivation and expectations of Japanese reading Learners were at a moderate level and Lecturers were high at the level. The data analysis of the different of beliefs between non-native Japanese learners and lecturers in Japanese reading show that was not statistically significant difference at the 0.05 level.


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อัจฉรา อึ้งตระกูล

อัจฉรา อึ้งตระกูล

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