A Structural Study of a Nominal Phrase in Dawei Dialect Spoken in Dawei District of Tanintharyi Region in Myanmar

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This article delineates three main objectives: firstly, to scrutinize noun phrases within the nominal structure of the Dawei dialect; secondly, to analyze pronoun phrases within the same structure; and thirdly, to outline the composition of compound nominal phrases within the dialect. Employing qualitative research methodology, the study primarily relied on documentary evidence and interviews with native Dawei speakers. The data collection spanned between 2019 and 2021, involving meetings and interviews in the Dawei district of the Tanintharyi region, Myanmar. All data were meticulously recorded using Fieldworks Language Explorer software.

             Key findings emerged from this research. Firstly, a noun phrase in the Dawei dialect is characterized by a head accompanied by optional modifiers, encompassing words, phrases, or clauses. Secondly, a pronoun phrase in the dialect features a pronoun head, often followed by numerals. Lastly, a series of nominal phrases, comprising two or more units, constitutes a nominal phrase compound. These phrases exhibit interconnectivity within the dialect's structure. The examination underscores the diversity of phrase forms within the contemporary Dawei dialect, delineating distinct structures and methodologies. Ultimately, the paper underscores the structural analysis approach in the study of nominal phrases within the Dawei dialect.

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KUVERA, K. . (2023). A Structural Study of a Nominal Phrase in Dawei Dialect Spoken in Dawei District of Tanintharyi Region in Myanmar. The Journal of International Buddhist Studies College (JIBSC), 9(2), 30–45. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/ibsc/article/view/273833
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