Comparative Studies on the Concept of Environment in Buddhism and Christianity

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Boonee Poungpet


Buddhism and Christianity are two major world religions with unique views on the concept of environment. In this paper, a comparative analysis of the two religions' views on the environment was undertaken. First, the Buddhist view from the Pāli canon was examined, which views the environment as an integral part of the interconnected web of life in which all living things are interrelated and interdependent. Buddhism emphasizes the importance of compassion, nonviolence, and ethical behavior toward all living beings, and encourages the practice of mindfulness and meditation to foster a deeper connection with the natural world. In contrast, Christianity views the environment in the Bible as a creation of God and emphasizes the role of humans as stewards of the earth. Christians believe that God created the world and gave humans the responsibility to care for it. This belief has led to the development of an environmental ethic and efforts to protect the environment in Christian communities. Despite these differences, both religions share some commonalities in their approach to the environment. Both Buddhism and Christianity recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings and emphasize the importance of responsible and ethical behavior toward the natural world. Both religions also emphasize the importance of individual responsibility and personal action in caring for the environment. In summary, while there are significant differences in the way Buddhism and Christianity approach the concept of the environment, there are also some similarities. By understanding the similarities and differences between the two religions, we can gain a deeper understanding of the importance of environmental protection and develop a more holistic approach to environmental issues.

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