About the Journal


Journal of MCU Humanities Review:
ISSN (Print): 2586-9817

Aims and Scope of the Journal:
To disseminate academic and research articles in the  field of social science and humanities such as linguistics, Thai language, Psychology, Buddhist Psychologies, Life and Death and Applied Buddhism to academicians, students, teachers and interested persons by receiving both Thai and English articles.

Types of Articles Published in the Journal:
1) Research Article: A paper that presents new finding research and has never been published elsewhere in any journals.

2) Academic Article: A paper that presents the body of academic knowledge for utilization and has never been published elsewhere in any other journals.

The Journal Publishes 2 volumes per year:
1st Vol:  January-June
2nd Vol: July-December

Quality of Article:

The article must not be published in other journals or in process of review from the specialist. The authors must strictly follow the journal regulation of the journal MCU Humanities Review including APA style reference. Views and opinions in the journal MCU Humanities Review are the responsibility of the author. It is not regarded as the editorial viewpoint.

Publication Fees and Payment:

1) Publication Fees

  1. Academic Article 2,500 Baht
  2. Research Article (M.A.) 3,000 Baht
  3. Research Article (Ph.D.) 4,000 Baht
  4. Research Article or 
  5. Research Article that receiving research grant  4,000 Baht

2) Payment for Publication

    Once the article is approved by the Editorial Board, the authors must transfer the publication fees.

3) Bank Account

    Bank: BBL Bank

    Account Name: Journal of MCU Humanities Review

    Account Number: 934-0-21833-9