Publication Ethics

Authors Duties

  1. The author must assure that the article has not been previously published and not pirate copy other’s article.
  2. The author must assure that the article is actually studied and must be presented in accordance with the acquired data.
  3. The author must cite the source of the other paper or data. And the reference is in line with the citation format of the Journal.
  4. The article must be in line with the format of the Journal.
  5. The author whose name list in the article must contribute to article production or relate to the research procedure.
  6. The author shall identify the source of the research grant (if any).
  7. The author shall identify any conflict of interest (if any).

Editors Duties

  1. The editor has the duty to consider the quality of the submitted Journal articles.
  2. No information regarding the paper’s author(s) or reviewers shall be reviewed.
  3. The editor must not have an interest in the article authors.
  4. The editor must check the duplication of the article seriously by using the reliable plagiarism checker to be sure that the article to be printed in the Journal does not print the others copyright.
  5. The editor must stop the evaluation process immediately when the infringement of copyright is found and must inform the authors of the article.

Reviewers Duties

  1. The reviewer must keep confidential the submitted paper and avoid revealing a partiality or all of the information to others during the paper reviewing process.
  2. The reviewer must not have an interest in article authors. If found later, the result of the evaluation can be canceled and the editor reserve the right not to send the article to that peer reviewer for evaluation again.
  3. The reviewer must evaluate the article in his or her own field. Personal thinking must not be taken into account.
  4. In case plagiarism is detected, the reviewer must notify the editor at once.