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               The purpose of this research is 1. To study the guidelines for educational management at the lower secondary education level in the next decade (2020-2028). 2. Develop the future image of lower secondary education in the next decade (2020-2028) 3. Assess the feasibility of future development in the management of lower secondary education in the next decade (2020-2028). The research is divided into 3 phases according to the objectives. turbulent The large number of semi-structured interviews with 8 Phase 2 application using Applied delphi techniques 3 times to 24 people with specialist Phase 3 questionnaire survey. The sample consisted of 114 secondary school directors who were district quality schools. The research tool was a questionnaire.

              The results showed that:

              Phase 1 guidelines for the management of lower secondary education in the next decade were 9 aspects, 110 indicators, namely content in education, 15 indicators for teachers or educators. Content transferers 21 Media and educational indicators 7 Indicators for teaching styles and methods 8 Educational indicators for administrators and personnel supporting education 14 Funding indicators Support 7 indicators for school and environment, 7 indicators for learners, 19 indicators and educational policy for 12 indicators, phase 2, future There are 9 aspects in the upper secondary school in the next decade. 130 indicators are educational content, 19 indicators for teachers or educators, content transferers, 24 indicators for media and tools for teaching. Study 7 indicators in the form and method of teaching 8 indicators for administrators and personnel responsible for education 17 indicators for funding 9 indicators of 9 educational indicators, 22 indicators and educational policy 15, stage 3 indicators for future development, image of education management at the lower secondary level in the next decade. There is a high level of possibility in general.         


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