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             This research aim to 1. to study the history and background of Muang Wiang Khuk 2. to study the management of the historical sites of Muang Wiang Khueng by participation of local parties and 3. to propose policies and strategies in developing Muang Wiang Khuk. This research is a qualitative research, collect data from Sangha Administrators, academic leaders, community leaders, local leaders. This would be used 28 people. Data collection tools include documents and interview forms. Data analysis by document analysis and content analysis.

          The research results were found as follows:

  1. The history and history of the city of Muang Wiang Khuk can be seen in 2 ways : 1) mentioned in the legend behind Lord Buddha’s chest bone relic which was the story of Phra That Phanom Pagoda. 2) The story of Muang Wiang Khuk dated back through different periods in history, namely, ‎Dvaravati, Lopburi, and Lan Chang. The town was affiliated to other two towns: Muang Phanphrao and Muang Pa Kho to be founded as Muang Nong Khai Khai. Therefore, it can be assumed that the historic Muang Wiang Khuk at present, the area is probably Wiang Khuk Subdistrict, Pako Subdistrict, Phra That Bang Phuan Subdistrict. Mueang Nong Khai District and Phon Sa Sub-district, Tha Bo District, Nong Khai Province.

  2. The management of the historical of Muang Wiang Khuk has 2 parts which are 1) The historical site of the Muang Wiang Khuk Prison city is in the area of many local administrative organizations There are both inside and outside the temple. 2) Nong Khai province and local government organizations there is no strategic plan for managing historic sites, burden of care therefore falls on temples and nearby communities.

  3. Policies and strategies for the development of historical sites in Muang Wiang Khuk Provincial and local levels must be integrated as follows : 1) Policies should enhance public participation in the conservation planning of the ancient Muang Wiang Khuk. Because the people in the area are the most important part in preserving and developing the historical Muang Wiang Khuk. 2) Strategic Create architectural forms to create art forms clearly and to have public relations in various forms.


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ดวงขันเพชรท. (2020). A HISTORY MANAGEMENT: CASE STUDY OF MUANG WIANG KHUK MUANG DISTRICT NONG KHAI PROVINCE. Journal of MCU Nakhondhat, 6(10), 5626-5640. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JMND/article/view/215690
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