Editorial Notes

The Journal of Language and Culture, Volume 40 No.2 comprises eight articles based on multilingual and multicultural reflections. They are as follows: 1) The discursiveness and the critique of social wrongs related to Thai ways in 2013 and 2016 “S.E.A. Write Award” poetry;
2) Changes of discourse on gender and sexual diversity in sexuality education textbooks from perversion to acceptance under the concept of multiculturalism that is just a discourse; 3) An analysis of Chinese cultural identity conservation in Thailand through social institution; 4) A study on Song era’s Deng Yun inscription rhyme table reading methodology; 5) Changing of signification of “Daijosai” in Japanese history; 6) Attitudes towards Thai-English code-switching among Thai speakers in generation Y; 7) Rhetorical Move and Multidimensional Analyses of Applied Linguistics Research Abstracts; and 8) Thai children’s new media use at home: Intra-family communication and reverse socialization. The latest issue also includes a review of the book “Museum and Gallery Studies: The Basics” written by Rhiannon Mason, Alistair Robinson and Emma Coffield in 2018.

The Journal of Language and Culture, which is published twice a year, is in Tier 1 of the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI) Center in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. On the occasion of entering its 41st year in 2022, those interested are invited to follow the announcements on the journal's webpage, which outline the main themes of each issue and details. Please see the detail to submit articles at https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JLC

Finally, on behalf of the journal, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the authors, the reviewers and journal production staff members who have contributed to making The Journal of Language and Culture an academic space for disseminating knowledge, quality research on language and culture and articles of academic value that enable the journal to continuously develop and provide rewarding insights for its readers.


Sophana Srichampa


Published: 30-12-2021