All manuscripts submitted to Journal of Language and Culture will undergo these following steps:

  1. Authors must register through ThaiJO system and submit their manuscripts online at together with the author’s form at

  2. Once the editorial team has received your manuscript, authors will be notified via email within 7 working days.

  3. The editor will initially review the manuscript whether its content is related to the scope of the journal, as well as the paper format and referencing styles. If there are any required revisions, the authors will be informed within 7 working days.

  4. If there is no revision required, the editorial team will proceed the manuscript that is assigned to at least two reviewers who are specialized in the respective fields whether the manuscript is suitable for publication. This process is a double-blind peer review that should be finished within one month.

  5. Once the editorial team has received the comments and results from at least two reviewers, the editor’s decisions will be notified to the authors via email.  If the manuscript is “accepted” with either major or minor revisions, the authors are required to revise their manuscript according to the reviewers’ comments within 7 working days.  However, if the manuscript is rejected, the authors will also be notified.

  6. Once the manuscript is revised accordingly and returned to the editorial team, it will undergo the copy-editing process in order to proofread and recheck its content to ensure its quality.  If there is no further revision required, it will be published in our Journal, which is readily available on ThaiJO