Survey of the Need Assessment in Exercise and Recreation for the Elderly in Bangkok Health Service Center

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Chaowarat Promkladphanao
Nopporn Tassanayana
Rangsarit Chamroen
Seksan Thongkhambanjong


The purpose of this research was to identify the current conditions and the needs of exercise and recreation for the elderly in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The methodology of this study comprised of four following steps: 1) review the literature, documentary data, theories, and concept of basic information 2) study the current conditions of exercise and recreation for the elderly in health care centers in Bangkok by questionnaire. 3) document analysis to identify the needs of exercise and recreation.  The samples were randomly selected by accident who were customers a total of 40 persons. The instrument was the questionnaire was developed by the researcher that qualified by the expertise improving content validity and reliability was test by using Cronbachs'alpha coefficients was 0.85 consists of 4 parts(man, money, materials, and management). Descriptive statistics were applied to describe mean, standard deviation, and compared the opinion by modified priority needs index (PNI Modified)

The research result was summarized among the customer who was replied the questionnaire, 40 persons, as follows: the needs of exercise and recreation for the elderly in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration of the customers at the present were the level of the management(= 2.88), materials(= 2.75), man(= 2.39), and money(= 1.43) by respectively. And the needs of exercise and recreation for the elderly in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration of the customers in the future were management(= 4.32), man(= 4.22), materials(= 4.12), and money(= 1.49). Finally, the customers had the needs for equipment, tools, and facilities, the youth center was modern and sufficient for service, environment and suitable location were appropriated, the traveling was convenient, promotion activities and training for the profession. Information system, the personnel was able to give information and advice on services, good personality and subscription fees and service charges were suitable for the quality of service.


Keywords:  the current conditions/the needs of exercise and recreation/ the elderly.

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