The results of the development of a supervision model for learning to read English words aloud


  • Ratchanee Uparang Rajabhat Maha sarakham University
  • Piyatida Panya Rajabhat Maha sarakham University
  • Arun Suikraduang Rajabhat Maha sarakham University


Result of the development of supervision model, learning management, reading aloud in English


The purpose of this research was to develop a model of supervision for learning to read aloud English words. The research method was divided into 4 steps: 1) a study of problems and expectations of learning management and teaching supervision; by studying the documents research and group discussion there were 8 participants in the discussion. 2) drafting and developing a form of supervision by inspection consistency and the feasibility of the model through the process of a seminar based on 9 experts; 3) to test the model supervision in 4 target schools; 4) assess the supervision model. The school administrators, academic teachers, supervision studies and teachers in educational institutions were a sample group of 17 people using a questionnaire on the usefulness of the model.             The results of the research found that            1. Problem conditions and expectations of learning management and teaching supervision found that teachers need to train the knowledge of teaching reading skills according to linguistic principles. and use the supervision process within the school to improve teaching and learning            2. The supervision model consists of 4 components as follows: 1) Principlesby using the supervision process with the teacher's co-development relationship in teaching and learning; 2) The objectives To develop teachers' ability in learning management through the process of supervision 3) Process, which has 5 steps: Step 1: Raising awareness, Step 2: Studying common problems, Step 3: Providing knowledge and teaching. supervision and reading aloud skills, step 4, Observation of teaching; step 5, Reflection, improvement and development; 4) Supervision evaluation.            3. The experimental results of using the supervision model of the supervisory teachers had the ability to organize learning that promoted reading skills of English words after using the supervision style was higher than before using the supervision style. It was statistically significant at the .05 level. The supervision results of the supervisory teachers were competent in supervision after using the supervision model  higher than before using the supervision model It was statistically significant at the .05 level and the results of the assessment of the students' reading ability after using the supervision model. higher than before using the supervision model statistically significant at the .05 level            4. The results of the evaluation of the use of the supervision model were found to be useful. Possible and has the highest level of accuracy


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