• Yuvadee Jitgosol Ubon Ratchathani University
  • Tanyapon Asipong Ubon Ratchathani University


Tourism Activities, Health Tourism, Creative Tourism


The objectives of this research were (1) to survey the health tourism resources of Ban Samrong community, (2) to assess the resource potential of health tourism in Baan Sam-Rong, (3) to study the needs of tourists concerning creative health tourism activities in Baan Sam-Rong, and (4) to suggest guidelines for the development of creative health tourism activities in Baan Sam-Rong, Ta-Sawang subdistrict, Muang Surin district, Surin province. This study is a mixed-methods research. The research instruments for this study involved an in-depth interview and questionnaire. This study had 13 respondents. The data were analyzed using frequency and mean, descriptive analysis, descriptive statistics, and content analysis.

             The results of the study revealed that (1) from the survey of health tourism resources in the Ban Samrong community, there were 6 platforms. (2) The assessment of the resource potential for Ban Samrong community health tourism found the following: (2.1) Planning: the community operates tourism under the Community Leadership Council and there are clear guidelines to drive the community. (2.2) Tourism attraction management: activity platforms were distributed among the communities and each platform was endorsed by the Community Leadership Council. (2.3) Management of the ability to access tourist attractions: the community has no vehicle service. (2.4) Facilities Management: Ban Samrong community is a community that is prepared in terms of having facilities that can accommodate tourists. (2.5) Management of service quality: the community should develop leadership to procure tour guides for the community. (2.6) Management of tourism activities: most of the activities involved learning in which tourists do not participate. (2.7) Environmental management and nature conservation: the community has carried out tourism activities that conserve the environment, a goal to which the community attaches great importance. (3) Tourist requirements: it was found that most tourists were satisfied with the activities of the health tourism in Baan Sam-Rong. Tourist satisfaction was at a high level. (4) Development guidelines for creative health tourism activities of the Ban Samrong.  These include tourism management within the community and marketing promotion.


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