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Keywords: The quality of life development, Army general, soldiers in Artillery Center


The research objectives are 1) To study the quality of life development of soldiers in Artillery Center, Lop Buri province 2) To study the development guidelines for the Quality of life development of soldiers in Artillery Center, Lop Buri province using quantitative research by simple sampling. The 308 people sample consisted of 98 people from the Student Regiment, 115 people from the Service Battalion and 95 people from the Artillery Battalion selected from the population of 388 military personnel in Artillery Center. The sample size was determined by using the finished table of Crazy and Morgan. Data were collected by questionnaire, and analyzed with statistics, percentage, mean and standard deviation.
The results of the research showed that
1. The quality of life development of soldier in Artillery Military Center, Lop Buri province found that the quality of life in all 6 areas, including housing, food and nutrition, clothing, bedding, personal items, physical health welfare and ideology morality and ethics in all aspects, it is at a high level ( = 4.01).
2. Study of development guidelines for the quality life development of soldiers in Artillery Center, Lop Buri consist of 6 important development approaches which are (1) housing : it should make the bathroom and toilet dry, fragrant and clean with sunlight shining through and should not have a bad smell. Toilets should be sufficient for soldiers (2) Food and nutrition: the areas for washing and storing containers should be hygienic and clean, and the drainage channel should be cleaned, no food waste left and no putrid odor. (3) Clothes, bedding and personal belongings: the military beds should be checked and all bedding should be well prepared. The arrangement of items must be cleaned and orderly, and should not store inappropriate items under the bed. (4) Physical health : It should organize activities related to nutrition that are beneficial to the body to strengthen military physical health (5) Welfare: it should support soldiers in non-formal education To increase educational qualifications Should have a group teacher, place of study, teaching and learning materials and promote vocational training that can be used for a career And can truly support the family and (6) the ideology Morality and ethics: The commanders should take their troops to participate in important religious activities in unison, and participate in Thai arts and culture activities as appropriate occasions such as Songkran festival Traditions, Loi Krathong etc.


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