Model of the Elderly’s Quality of Life Promotion by the Community in Khon Kaen Province

  • Pornsan Piyanantisak Dr.


The objectives of this quantitative research were: 1) to study the level of the elderly’s life quality in Khon Kaen Province; 2) to study factors related to the quality of life of the elderly in Khon Kaen Province and; 3) to create a model to promote the quality of life of the elderly by the community in Khon Kaen Province. The sample group in this research was elderly people in Khon Kaen province aged 60 years and over. Multi-stages random sampling was applied and data was collected via questionnaire. Data was then analyzed with a computer program using Descriptive Statistics and Factor Analysis program.

The results showed that the elderly’s life quality in Khon Kaen Province is at a high level. Factors related to the quality of life of the elderly in Khon Kaen Province consist of Body, Mind, Interpersonal Relationship, Environment, Social Connection, Agency and Economic. "EMBRACE MODEL" was then created as a model to promote the quality of life of the elderly by community in Khon Kaen province, in which these factors were emphasized.


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