The Using of Social Network for Instruction in Earth Science Subject.


  • Chanachai Eonwung Journal of Research for Social and Community Development, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University


Earth Science, social media network, Ning, and Project Approach


The objectives of the research were: 1) to compare the learning achievement with the learning standard level; 2) to study the satisfaction of learners on social media network, Ning; 2) to study the skill of learning process in the project. The sampling of this research consisted of the 30 students in the first year (semester 1/2011) of Geographic Information Technology program, Faculty of Information Technology, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham university. The tools comprised the satisfaction questionnaire, the 4-choices questionnaire of 25 questions on learning achievement. The statistics used were Mean ( ), Percentage (%),StandardDeviation (S.D.) The result showed that the learning process efficiency of the project approach ed in Earth Science, Unit 6 The Change of Plates Transformation was rated 79.90/79.58, compared to the standard level of learning efficiency (70/70).Average achievement scores of pre-test was 6.52 out of 12 (31.50%) and S.D. was 1.96. Average achievement scores of post-test was 9.61 out of 12 (46.16%) and S.D. was 1.42. There was statistically a significantly level at 0.05. The satisfaction of learning was at 4.25, which meant very satisfied for every questions. The skill of learning process in this project was between 3.86 and 4.38, and S.D. ranged from 0.44 to 0.95. Total means ( ) of satisfaction level was 4.14, and S.D. was at 0.68.


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