Strategies for Promoting Social Responsibility of Private Schools in Khon Kaen Province


  • Wanida Saninta Master of Education Student (Education Administration), Faculty of Education, Khonkaen University
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Chawengsak Preuksatewed Lecturer of Faculty of Arts, Khonkaen University, Nongkhai Campus
  • Dr. Prayuth Chusorn Lecturer of Faculty of Education, Rangsit University


Strategy, Social Responsibility, Private School


The objectives of this descriptive research were to study : 1) to investigate current conditions and desirable conditions for promoting social responsibility of the private schools in the Khon Kaen province, and 2) to study strategies for promoting social responsibility of private schools in Khon Kaen province. By conducted two-term storage. Phase 1 : to collect quantitative data with 196 samples private school administrators in Khon Kaen province were collected by stratified random sampling in order to provide the quantitative data by the questionnaire. The quantitative data were analyzed into mean, standard deviation and then it was calculate in PNImodified index in order to rank the needs identifications. Phase 2 : The qualitative data collected by focus groups discussion. Instrument captures a group discussion. The key informants were 11 experts with a way to select specific by purposive sampling. The data were analyzed using content analysis and presented with the descriptive method. The research found that 1) Current conditions and desirable conditions for promoting social responsibility of private schools in Khon Kaen province. Overall, the average level was high. Necessary requirements of current conditions and desirable conditions to promote liability. Socializing of private schools in Khon Kaen from the order of necessity (PNImodified). Private schools have the necessary needs to promote social responsibility. The first is social issues perception, the second is service to society, creating a volunteer society, participation in social problems, Quality education for society, and participation in community activities, respectively. 2) Strategies for promoting social responsibility of private schools in Khon Kaen province contain 6 goals, 6 strategies. 20 measures and 33 indicators.


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