The The Effectiveness of Thai Woman Empowerment Fund in Empowering Women in Mahasarakham Province

  • พชร คณะมะ วิทยาลัยการเมืองการปกครอง มหาวิทยาลัยมหาสารคาม
  • Alongkorn Akkasaeng Lecturer of, College of Politics and Government, Mahasarakham University
Keywords: Women’s Role Development Fund, Microfinance, Women’s Development


          This research aims to 1) Study the effectiveness of the Thai Women Empowerment Funds policy in practice. 2) Study the ways of promoting Women role of Thai Women Empowerment Funds policy Mahasarakham province Perform procedure or qualitative method. The research was conducted by studying the Documentary Research and In - Depth Interview. The informant was used in the research are Provincial Women Development Committee, District Women Development Committee, Canton Women Development Committee, Government officials Total 20 persons.

  1. 1. Effectiveness from the implementation of the Women's Role Development Fund policy Mahasarakham province 1) In providing loans and expanding financial services to reach small entrepreneurs and disadvantaged people in rural areas The Women's Role Development Fund achieves this objective because of the credit considerations and the expansion of financial services. Underprivileged women in society can access them thoroughly. 2) The interest rate is low, suitable for debt repayment ability of disadvantaged people. It was found that women participating in the Women's Role Development Fund were able to pay the principal and interest of the Women's Role Development Fund with a low rate without creating a financial burden on women. 3) In terms of job creation create a career for the unemployed in the countryside Women take the money from the loan from the Women's Role Development Fund for use in building a career or Develop your own business Due to borrowing money from the Women's Role Development Fund, up to two hundred thousand baht which is just enough money for starting a career or start a business 4) In helping to develop revenue Higher investment for disadvantaged people being a member of the Women's Role Development Fund may not have access to some women because in some areas there is a publicity that is not comprehensive including the problems of the number of officers who have built up understanding of the Women's Role Development Fund and the objectives of the Women's Role Development Fund are not sufficient, including the procedure and duration of membership, with documents and approval periods for quite a long time 5) To help the underprivileged to become members of the organization in order to be able to manage financial management on their own expanding credit and distributing money to disadvantaged women Due to borrowing money from the Women's Role Development Fund does not require any securities and also providing vocational training to women in the community as well. Therefore, financial distribution is both direct and indirect distribution 6) The expansion of credit to the poorest people in the society (Poorest Group) in order to ensure that all poor people have access to funding 7) In terms of granting loans, they must not focus on providing collateral like traditional lending. Therefore, can help the disadvantaged to access the capital

            2. Guidelines for the development of funds for promoting women in the Women's Role Development Fund in Mahasarakham Province in solving problems and developing the role development fund for women, the researchers compiled recommendations to solve the problems faced above thus Must support the operation of the staff in public relations Understanding rural women in order to understand the objectives and understand the benefits that will be gained in order for women development projects to be accepted by the community and making women more desirable to join the Women's Role Development Fund, Must have a registration system or recruit members of the Women's Role Development Fund on the internet. That is convenient, efficient and is present and Women's Role Development Funds must be promoted in terms of knowledge and understanding, including education for women, as a result of funding support alone cannot truly develop women's roles need to create awareness the importance of equality between men and women


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