Personal constructs Theory

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Keywords: Personal Construct


Personal Construct Theory is an outstanding psychology theory in terms of its perspective on humans as scientists that reflects human behavior manifested in the forms of   habitual expectations and predictions of particular situations through verification, experiment, data collection, in or der to solve problems and foresee the situations. The interpretation and the thought creation are determined by an individual’s preceding experience and personality. The way to manage one’s thoughts is subsequently is the same as the way to manage the similarity and difference of newly obtained experience, all of which could be considered individual constructive alternativism since humans naturally have a capability to interpret new experience  and their behavior could not be a hundred percent dictated, which set this theory apart from the others with an emphasis merely on desire, motivation, conflict, and idealism due to its accentuation of the creation of new experience process from new surroundings, with  more flexibility for every type of problems solving, and thus is widely. This is the reason why the theory is widely accepted


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