Creativity and Education in Art

  • พีระพงษ์ กุลพิศาล มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏบ้านสมเด็จเจ้าพระยา
Keywords: Creativity, Creative sources, Art activity



This article aimed to present knowledge and understanding of creativity in the Visual Art under the concept of being a creative artist since the children were born. The article was divided into three topics; the first was a preface indicated that arts had an essential place in the education of our children and young people. Art provided them a chance to think and make things creatively, and also helped them dare to face problems. Through art, children gained both qualities of capability and quality of adaptability which helped them stand in 

this world proudly. The two following topics referred to sources that we could seek to find elements of creativity, they were the creative work of art and the processes of creating artwork achieved by children. Each source contained different creative elements in details, in case of the creative work of art, there were 6 elements showed, they were the attractive features, a desire to finish the work by themselves, the unusual visual imagery, do the work with intellectual mind, the higher quality of the work done and the will to continue making the works. In case of creative elements showed within the processes of creating artwork included 4 types of creative problem-solving listed from a simple to a complete one were Boundary Pushing, Inventing, Boundary Breaking and Aesthetic Organization. The last topic was Creativity and two kinds of art activities which tended to discriminate methods of making work of art in different ways. The first one was Creative Self-Expression focused on emotion and feeling of the individual during the process, the second was Creative Problem-solving focused on planning plus working during the process.


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