Factors of Inheritance and Change in folk media : A case study of Tepsil Pongkeaw Shadow Puppets Show, Master of Trilingual Shadow Puppets.

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สุวิมล เวชวิโรจน์


The objectives of this research were to study and analyze factors of inheritance and change affecting the shadow puppets as a traditional media of Suratthani Province. It was Qualitative Research involving in-depth interviews of the following key informants; actors and producers of Shadow Puppets, the audiences, government agencies, community leaders, academics, and field observation. The findings showed that factors of inheritance and change affecting the shadow puppets divided into two eras; the original (before the community has been communicated from external agencies) and the years 2003-present.
The factors inherited from the original era are history, geography,economy, education, religion and belief, relationship inside the community,and networking, etc. The inherited factors from 2003-present era are religion and belief, networking, relationship inside community, and awareness of community identity. Change factors are education and technology, etc.


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