Extraction of Lessons Learned from 5-Star Rated OTOP Business Marketing Operation in Amphoe Muang Yala Province.

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The objectives of this research were to study lessons learned from marketing operation, problems and solutions in 5–Star rated OTOP business marketing operations in the area of Amphoe Muang,Yala Province, The qualitative data were collected via in-depth interview.The population of this research was six entrepreneurs of six 5 - Star rated OTOP businesses in Amphoe Muang, Yala province. The research results were as follows: 1. Marketing operation of 5 - Star rated OTOP businesses: Target markets of 5–Star rated OTOP businesses - most were aged 30 and up, income of medium level or higher. Business concentrated aspect of product and packaging was on quality and to create identity, set prices equal to or higher than their rivals, use multi distribution and integrated marketing communication. 2. Problems and solutions in marketing operation of 5–Star rated OTOP businesses included: 1) The problem of lack of standards for product and lack of identity for packaging - this was solved by communicating to concerned persons. 2) Distribution problem, for those firms with inconvenience – this was handled by recruiting sales representatives to conductthe sales instead; and 3) problem of deficiency in English language skill in sale functioning - this was solved by using calculators,translation applications and asking help from friends.


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