The Relationships among Food Quality, Service Quality,Physical Environment and Customers’ Satisfaction in Thai Dining Restaurant in Malaysia

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Parichard Benrit
Numtip Trakulmaykee


Due to the increasing competition among restaurant business in Malaysia, there is a critical need to understand the factors that may influence customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, the aim of this research is to investigate the relationships among food quality, service quality, physical environment and customer satisfaction in Thai dining restaurant in Malaysia.Data are collected from customers of Thai dining restaurant located in Malaysia via a self-administered questionnaire. A total of 313 completed questionnaires are used in the analysis, which was tested using SPSS. The multiple regression analysis in this study revealed that food quality,service quality and physical environment had a signififcant role in inflfluencing customer satisfaction. The food quality is the most important factor which impacts on customer’s satisfaction followed by physical environment and service quality respectively. The findings of this study provide useful insight for Thai dining restaurant manager to develop effective strategies in order to customers’ satisfaction as followed. First, since food quality was found to be the most important factors as a predictor of the customers’ satisfaction in Thai dining restaurant. The managers must pay attention to the food quality which consists of taste, nutritious, fresh food, food presentation and appropriate temperature that can improve customer satisfaction. Second, manager should design appropriate the restaurant’s physical surroundings, such as attractive interior design, space for move around easily and cleanness of restaurant. Finally, the findings suggested that Thai restaurant operators also should provide training for the employees to ensure that employees are able to provide good services. Furthermore, the future research ideas also are discussed.


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