The Community Product Development towards Market Competition Ban Somchai, Jaidee Sub-district, Khukhan District, Si Sa Ket Province

  • ณฐพงศ์ ใจซื่อตรง มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏศรีสะเกษ
Keywords: Capacity Development, Community Products, Market Competition


The research topic is a community product development towards marketing competition at Baan Somchai, Jaidee Sub-district, Khukhan District, Sisaket Province. The objectives of this research were 1) to study the problems and needs of entrepreneurs, products and community products in the potential product development of Baan Somchai,  Jaidee sub-district, Khunkhan district, Sisaket province, 2) to study the marketing factors that affects consumers’ purchasing decisions on community products (OTOP) of Baan Somchai,  Jaidee sub-district, Khunkhan district, Sisaket province, and 3) to present recommendations on product and community products development to entrepreneurs. Mixed-method was used in this research.  10 senior executives of government agencies and leaders of community enterprises were selected by purposive sampling as a qualitative sample, and 400 customers buying OTOP, which determined based on Krejcie and Morgan’s table were a quantitative sample. The results found that:

1) The current states of problems and needs of the manufacturer could be divided into 8 issues: 1) product aspect: lack of uniqueness, 2) Price: low profit and unable to release immediately, 3) Distribution channels: lack of diversity, 4) Marketing promotion: lack of enhancing in marketing, 5) Process: lack of production control and planning in various fields, 6) Personnel: people lack of skills to develop new innovations, 7) The physical environments: communities are far from the city or economic sources, and 8) Productivity and quality: community products cannot be further added to value.

2) Market factors affecting purchasing decisions of community products (OTOP) found that the overall attitude was at a high level. When considering each aspect, it was found that they have the highest positive attitude in price, followed by product composition, distribution channels and personnel, respectively.

3) The solutions were as followed, 1) Networking and cooperation, 2) Management, increasing knowledge of people in the community, 3) Marketing, adding more various distribution channels, 4) Production, developing the uniqueness of the product, and 5) Government support, redundancy of several government agencies supports. Due to the lack of good communication between organizations, some entrepreneurs lack opportunities as well as unable to complete the objectives of the government.


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