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Alisa Moonsri
Maitree Inprasitha
Narumon Changsri


          Objectives of this research were to analyze guidelines for preparing    graduate studies context to implement lesson study in Thailand. Data were collected, by survey method, by Interviewing 4 in-service teachers using questionnaires,17 ex-doctoral students in Mathematics Education and focus group discussion with 18 master's degree students and 5 doctoral students in Mathematics Education using the qualitative research to describe all guidelines that had taken place to represent context preparing for graduate studies to implement lesson study in Thailand according to Lesson Study framework.

          Findings from of the research were as follows: the guidelines that were found in order to prepare the context for graduate studies to implement lesson study in Thailand. Step 1 Collaboratively plan; 1) Participate in planning activities, doing activities as planned together, and reflecting. These processes contained the Lesson Study involved in each activity. 2) Planned together to support the workshop as the assistant lecturer. Planned together to organize the steps of the workshop, content to be used in the workshop, participate in anticipating participants' thoughts of any questions or issues that they din't understand in order to support the participants of the workshop. Step 2) Collaboratively do; 1) Solve the open-ended problems and anticipate the idea of student solvers based on Lesson Study and Open Approach. 2) Participate in the activities of mathematics education to learn about planning activities, find the information needed for attending each activity such as understanding textbooks, how to use materials and equipment, understanding the organization of activities, and the workflow of each activity. 3) Attending international conferences that showed how to use lesson study in Japan and from other countries. Step 3) Collaboratively see; The lesson study team made a lesson plan, designed problem situations with teachers and observers. During the teaching, graduate students observed the class. Reflection made them learn the perspective of teachers who had been in class with their students for a long time and knew their students very well and perspectives of graduate students with knowledge of theory, content that could be issued in learning together when observing the classroom.


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Moonsri, A. ., Inprasitha, M. ., & Changsri, N. . (2021). PREPARING CONTEXT OF GRADUATE STUDIES TO IMPLEMENT “LESSON STUDY” IN THAILAND. Journal of MCU Social Science Review, 10(2), 90–98. Retrieved from
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