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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • The authors must not repeat publication and/or submit the same source article to difference journals.
  • The authors should not submit a duplicated manuscript, a manuscript with plagiarism, nor a manuscript, which was submitted somewhere else.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic format in template.

  • The contents and data in the manuscript should be accurate and can be verified.

  • In case of the research work, related to human, an ethical certificate should be shown to the editorial board.

  • To upload the manuscript, both the Microsoft Word and PDF files should be uploaded to the online submission system.

Information for Authors
          The articles were submitted in Journal of MCU Social Science Review should be contained academics content or research article in field of social science that related in academic field such as Buddhism , Political Science , Public Administration , Law , Management , Sociology , Economics , Social Development and Education. Including the article that was analyzed to find out problem solution for social. The article must be not published in other journal or in process of review from specialist. The authors must be strict follow journal regulation for submit both academics article or research article in Journal of MCU Social Science Review and referencing style guide in this article.
         Moreover, Authors should be not reported data that are discrepancy such as false information , counterfeiting , decoration or show only data that ccorrespond to conclusion. The point of views and opinion of authors that appeared in Journal of MCU Social Science Review hold as authors’ responsibility and not be hold as opinion and responsibility as Editorial department of Journal of MCU Social Science Review and authors should be taken into consideration in research ethics with do not violate or plagiarism . The tools for help to check plagiarism by CopyCat program that limit for Thaijo website not be over more than 15% that effective since October, 2021.
         This journal will charge the fee for academic article amount 4,000 Baht ( Four thousand Baht ) per one article or research article amount 7,000 Baht ( Seven thousand Baht ) per one article.  Please pay the fee only after receiving the payment email from the journal.  All rights reserved for return your fee in all cases

Preparing article manuscript to Thaijo

          The Article type you are online submitting can send via online of Journal of MCU Social Science Review as a word file only in https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jssr/about/submissions and will be report to Email : journal.mcu.soc@gmail.com for sign in or member register.

Download format and reference system both WORD , PDF
           1) Page set up with only white paper , no line and B5 (JIS) size and print in one site of paper with the set each edge as follows ;
           Top 1 inch Bottom 0.7 inch
           Left 1 inch Right 0.7 inch
           About indentation should be spaced from edge 5 character maximum and start to type in 6 character and do not set page set up. The article will be set in 8-15 pages including table illustration and reference.
           2) Letters and font : article manuscript is set both Thai and English , use TH Sarabun PSK font and set as single spacing.
           3) Article composition
                     3.1 Research article set as in order as follows ;
                     -Title both Thai and English
                     - Authors name / Affiliated agency and E-mail
                     - Thai Abstract
                     - Thai Key words
                     -Research Objectives
                     -Body of knowledge

                     3.2 Academic Article set as in order as follows ;
                     -Title both Thai and English
                     - Authors name / Affiliated agency and E-mail
                     - Thai Abstract
                     - Thai Key words
                     - Introduction
                     - Conclusions
                     - References

Article format for Journal of MCU Social Science Review
           The article manuscript must be set in type of *.docx of Microsoft Word Version 2010 minimize. In case of article manuscript was including table illustration , equation , The authors should be set separate from document file and set file as *.PDF*.JPG*.GIF or *.bmp that limit within 12 pages excluding reference. First, Editorial team will be considered general format and return to authors for adjust before send to peer reviewer to consider your article in the dimension of various and suitable.

Editorial Right
           In the case of editorial team or peer reviewer who were invited to consider adjust and recommends on your article , editorial team will send article manuscript to authors. The authors must be strictly adjusted follow peer reviewer and/or all right reserved for publishing in case of academic article or research article do not have content in journal objectives. When article publishing , the authors will receive link that enter to website and confirm letter to publishing in Journal of MCU Social Science Review.