Aims & scope

Journal of MCU Social Science Review:

          ISSN (Print): 2287-0121

          ISSN (Online): 2673-0782


          To Promote and Encourage Instructs, Academics, Students and Other Interested Persons to Have The Opportunity to Disseminate Academic and Research Works in Social Sciences and Related Subjects Such as Buddhism, Political Science, Public Administration, Law, Management, Sociology, Economics, Social Development and Education. The Analysis Provides a Solution to The Problem of Society.

Release Date Is 6 Copies Per Year:

          Issue 1 January-February

          Issue 2 March - April

          Issue 3 May - June

          Issue 4 July - August

          Issue 5 September - October

          Issue No. 6 November - December

Types of works published in journals:

          1) Academic Article

          2) Research Article

          3) Book Review

Consideration and selection of articles:

          Each article will be considered by the Peer Reviewer of no less than 2 persons who have expertise in related fields. And approved by the editorial team before publication by considering the article, there will be a form in which the article reviewer does not know the name or information of the article's author. And the author of the article does not know the name of the article reviewer (Double-Blind Peer Review)

Payment for publication:

Bank: Thai Military Bank (TMB)

Account name: Office of Journal of MCU Social Science Review

Account number: 633-2-50879-2  (Saving)

Branch: Ayutthaya City Park