Accountability of the War Veterans Organization of Thailand

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Thanunchai Kankeaw
Saruda Sumpong


This article aims to 1) study the state of responsibility and audit of the Veterans Administration. 2) To study the elements of responsibility and verification of the Veterans Affairs Organization. 3) To study the way to present research results. Development of Responsible and Verifiable Responsibilities of the Veterans Administration. This research is qualitative research as a method to study new knowledge from key informant interviews 1 and the researcher studied the document. Two groups of seven people were interviewed Analyze qualitative data by providing a database that can be easily used for analyzing data, such as classifying data into systems to assure the reliability of the data. 

Findings were as follows: 

 Described the phenomenon of organizational structure change in accordance with current government policy. The results of this research. The findings are as follows. In the first place, the Veterans Administration lacked good administrative and management systems to drive the private sector to engage in the careers of veterans and their families to improve their wellbeing. Family But some mosquitoes

focus on vocational training in a normal way that cannot add value. And focus on the private sector in large projects, rather than developing veterans potential. 

Second, the government ignores the potential of the Veterans Administration. It has the ability to take responsibility for the project or not, but has the resolution to grant privileges to work from the government. Without a bid Cause fraud and misbehavior. Third, the Veterans Administration does not give priority to the publicity of its organization. Government agencies Private agencies and people are confused. Do not fully understand the role and mission of the Veterans Administration. And fourth Organizational structure has not been systematically developed or public service is rendered to the benefit of veterans. The internal office is not working in the same way. Cause complex workflows.



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