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Jukkaphong Poungngamchuen
Poonpat Poonnoy
Tonglian Buwjoom
Sasithorn Sang-U


Farmers in Maung District, Lampun Province has been affected health problem due to chemical and waste from Lampun Industrial Estate. Moreover, chemical farming and its effect especially from longan orchard. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate 5 factors effecting farmers’ health as followed: 1) personal factors 2) psychosocial factors 3) behavior factors 4) supporting factors and 5) environmental factors. Five health factors also reviewed as followed: 1) physical health 2) mental health 3) learning for living 4) adequate of living and 5) community security. Interview schedule was applied for data collection from 300 farmers in 15 sub-district, of Muang District, Lampun Province who were living nearby Lumpun Industrial Estate and implemented chemical farming. Obtained data were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results revealed that, two-thirds (67.00%) of farmers were male and having an average age of 43.50 years old. More than one-third of them (34.30%) were fourth year elementary graduated and had an average income of 103,600 Bath per year. In terms of factors effecting farmers’ good health, behavior factor (health behavior) had effected to the physical health. On the other hand, age was the main factor effecting mental health, learning for living and adequate of living. By the way of contrast, there were no any factors effecting farmers’ health in terms of community security.  Most of farmers facing problem of their age and congenital diseases from chemical using in agricultural activities.


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Poungngamchuen จ., Poonnoy พ. . ., Buwjoom ท. . ., & Sang-U ศ. . . (2018). FACTORS’ EFFECTING HEALTH OF FARMERS IN MUANG DISTRICT, LAMPUN PROVINCE. Journal of MCU Social Science Review, 7(2-2), 319–331. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jssr/article/view/245752
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