Buddhism in Myanmar : Sect, Controlling, and Priest’s Ranks

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Mallika Phumathon
Direk Duangloy
Vorapot Wisetsiri
Phrapalad Raphin Buddhisaro


This article aimed to study Buddhism in Myanmar concerning the sect, controlling and the system of the priest's ranks by studying through the documents, research papers, articles, interviews and observing the real location in Myanmar.

The results of the study revealed that Myanmar received the influence on Buddhsm from Srilanka concerning the priest's ranks which consisting of 3 types: Academic, Propagation and Meditation by each type was divided into 3 classes toech. For controlling, there was a council for monks called Sangnayok consisting of 47 monks from different sects being members. These members of the council were chosen from the temples throughout the country. Controlling in lower levels was according to the sect's lines and having the Sangnayok of each sect played the leading role. There were 9 sects which certified by the government and Sudhamma was the biggest sect having the monks of over 90% from all over the country.


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Phumathon ม., Duangloy ด., Wisetsiri ว., & Buddhisaro พ. (2018). Buddhism in Myanmar : Sect, Controlling, and Priest’s Ranks. Journal of MCU Social Science Review, 7(2-2), 441–458. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jssr/article/view/245743
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