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The purposes of this research were the role of the Department of Industrial Promotion in driving Strategic 4.0 under this government policy is there are three primary areas of study: first, to explore the proactive actions of the Department of Industrial Promotion to drive the industry aggressively. To be in line with Thailand policy 4.0. To drive the industry aggressively. To comply with Thailand policy 4.0 and finally. Guidelines for developing the role of the Department of Industrial Promotion to drive the strategy of Thailand.

This study was qualitative research to describe the phenomenon of organizational structure change in accordance with current government policy.

Findings were as follows:

  1. Law of the Department of Industrial Promotion is to amend the laws and regulations that facilitate the development of the Department of Industrial Promotion. Because there is no such adjustment. Transitioning to the digital government will be difficult, and legislative and regulatory reforms can continue to work. Not only the law and the rules have to be amended. It also overlaps with other relevant laws and regulations, which must be reviewed at the same time.

  2. Development of competitiveness is the need to improve the way the government works. To integrate the work across the ministry. In particular, public agencies need to integrate their work in a holistic manner, instead of the fragmented work they have been doing in the past, so that the mechanisms can work in a balanced manner and Effective the host is responsible for each task when working together or systematically.

  3. Development of technological innovation is the need to do things. In a new way, creation, development, change, thought change. Production Management, Process, Organizational Structure Business model to create new value. For customers and financial returns to the business, it is acceptable to society and the environment. It does not conflict with morals, ethics, traditions, and customs. During the invention Initiatives and Innovation.

  4. Development of new people requires the development of a person with an internal outlook, which is a human development strategy, focusing on internal development (attitudes, motives, habits) to external development (knowledge, skills, behavior). In the mind of the people already developing people's knowledge, skills and behaviors is certainly easier.


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